Wild Life Color Book

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Wild Animals, Untamed Critters

squirrel with acorniconWelcome to scissorcraft's wild kingdom.  Untamed or undomesticated animals are creatures that live outside, outdoors without human contact or interaction.  Wild animals live everywhere and anywhere using many different survival tactics depending upon the species.  Mountain goats live and play on remote rocky cliffs where they have evolved to easily out maneuver most predators.   Squirrels eat and store seeds and nuts in country and city environments.  Squirrels are very quick and can scampering through tree branches easily out running most predators.  Deer use highly developed senses of sight, hearing and smell for protection while these animals browse the cornucopia of plant materials including young leaves, stems and shoots  of bitter brush, mountain mahogany, cliff rose, rabbit brush, scrub oak, mushrooms and wild fruits.

Some of these creatures listed here can be domesticated and raised for food, fur or labor but usually run free in the wild.  Animals which are both wild and domesticated include rabbits, elephants and camels.
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