Sports Balls Color Book

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Sports Balls & Equipment

This section came about after my husband asked me to make him some business cards using billiard balls as the focal image. Sure, I could have fudged and just grabbed some clip art or a photo of a rack for this personal purpose, but I love a good challenge. So I drew a bunch of circles, labeled them 1 through 15 and colored each and every one to make his unique "friendship card" (because retired people don't need business cards) to hand out to all his friends and acquaintances.

Soccer Ball

It occurred to me that some people may have a use for large size sport ball and equipment images. So, I researched every sport I could find to get examples of the equipment used in the sport. The results you see here. It amazes me how popular my little soccer ball image has become. I had my money on the football image myself, so that just proves in my little microcosm of the universe, that soccer is more popular than football. I could be wrong.

I'm sure there are a lot more games that I haven't covered here but that's what's fun about this self-imposed job I have created for myself. There's always something else I can draw, so if you have a need for an image that doesn't appear here just let me know and I'll whip one up and give it to the world as well.

Color book images of common and familiar sports ball such as pool or billiard balls, baseball, basketball, football, golf ball, soccer, bowling, tennis, rugby and volley balls.

Equipment and Balls for the Games We play