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Thank you for being a subscriber to Scissorcraft.com collection of craft web sites.  Your patronage and trust means more to me that you can imagine.

I've been busy reformatting all of the large, pre-colored images by removing the  background scenery  so the pre-colored images will be more useful to members.

Hundreds of revised images have already been uploaded, but, scissorcraft.com contains thousands of awesome images, so I'll be be busy uploading for the next few weeks at the very least.

I am contacting you because Scissorcraft.com needs your help, plain and simply because scissorcraft is barely making ends meet and desperately needs more paid members.

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Help keep scissorcraft's 17 craft web sites (and my artistic endeavors) alive - it's my greatest passion :-)
Please recomend scissorcraft.com as a great resource for teachers, schools, care givers, parents, rest homes...any place where arts, craft and people meet to mingle would be wonderful.  

Think of scissorcraft's value as a 10 foot paper stack of color book fun - all for only $15.00 for a yearly membership or $50.00 a lifetime.

Ask the people you recommend to mention your name and email when they pay for a membership so I can reward your account with an additional 1 year subscription - free - a $15.00 savings for you.   The more people you recomment, who sign up and pay for memberships, the more additional subscriptions you can receive. 

I appreciate all of your support, and as always, if you have a need for a partiular image theme, I'm always open for suggestion to add new images to the websites to share with all paid member.


Thank you !


PS: non-members may take advantage of this offer. Buy a 1 year subscription and then help spread the news. 


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