Feline Cats Color Book

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Cat with bouquet of flowers

Felines Domestic Cats

Funny thing about cats. If you own one it seems that you own all of them. For being such so-called solitary creatures, they sure seem to clowder in the same universe together. Genetic studies have revealed that all house cats are descended from Middle East African Wildcats (Felis silvestris lybica) dating as far back as c. 8000 BCE.
Here is the easiest home made cat play toy you can possibly make, aside from the wadded up origami boulder, that is.  I used one of my old business cards to keep this kitty entertained.  Just cut strips along one side of the card, roll half of the strips with a pencil or your fingers one direction then roll the other half the other direction.  Roll the base of the card tightly and send it flying to the nearest cat.  PS, be prepared to pick up little bits of paper .

Domestic Cats

Cats are amazing creatures. Sometimes I like to imagine that they were put on earth to monitor humans and report back to the mother ship our progress as a species. Ever wonder what cats are looking at when they suddenly stare into space, or look terrified at something just behind you? Yea, I think they can see the invisible aliens walking among us.

What ever the reasons cats exist, I am sure glad they do. I always stop what I am doing when one of my cats requests my attention. It is as much of a break for me from my mundane routine and existence as it is pleasurable for the kitty to receive a good nose-rub or combing. Just can't imagine life without a cat or two to remind me to stop and pet the cat who now sits on my keyboard telling me it's time to take a petting break.

If I could ask a cat anything it would be to ask why they like to sun themselves on my back deck when the temperature is 100°! As a young adult a hundred years ago I read that cats don't like to be held in hot weather because they have so much fur they overheat...oh, really? So what's with the 110° sunning fests? Now I think they don't like being held in hot weather because they are persnic-kitty, nothing mysterious about it.