Infant Teethers and Toys

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Infant Toys Rattle and Bottle Images

These images were not only fun to create but brought back fond memories of my children playing with their teething rings and rattles. Ahhh yes, the sweet memories of slobber mixed in with Gerber teething cookies. Those were the days, right? I think I wore a washcloth much in the same manner a cowboy would wear a gun and holster. I was a real quick draw with those washrags.

Some of these rattles are formatted to cut out and insert photographs. I never learned needlepoint or embroidery, but I would bet a clever seamstress could make some pretty cool tapestries as frames for baby photos with these rattle prints.

My children could be referred to as Irish twins (or triplets in my case). The term is used to be derogatory toward Irish immigrants but today is simply used to describe siblings born within a year of each other.

Those were some crazy child caring days for sure, but as ny late paternal grandmother told me once, and I never forgot her words, "Tomorrow they will be gone". Well, it is now tomorrow, the chaos is all gone and I am enjoying the rite of passage. Now I happily care for my grand children from time to time and then send them home. Phew!

The mother's prayer actually is the only prayer that really works. The grand kids are entering the dreaded teen years and now my daughter tells me that I was so wise...what? Did I hear that correctly? During her teen years I think she thought I was a dumb as a stump. Embroider or crochet the design onto pillow cases and hanker chiefs.