Planets Space Alien Masks

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Rocket Commando Space and Alien Masks

flash gordon rocketshipiconChildren can make kid sized crop circles and dress up like those little grey space men with big black eyes. Children can wear the masks and make them come to life with stories and song or use the masks as wall hanging decorations for parties and thematic events.


The sun, moon and stars are popular folk art and mask subjects. This outer space section contains a mixture of stars, moons and rocket ships that children will enjoy coloring and decorating.

Make miniature child size crop circles and have a space alien theme party some cool fall evening close to Halloween time for extra eerie atmosphere. My wacky website Paper Crop circles has lots of fun printable images and directions for making kid sized chalk line crop circles. Teach about the solar system to little space aliens all dressed up like stars and moons or robots and space ships.


Space Planet Moon and Stars

This could be a fun math oriented project since most wheat graffiti seems to be constructed out of geometric shape combinations. Your little aliens can dress the part while they make spooky crop circles.  I have a lot of fun making up alien creatures and you will find them sprinkled generously throughout Scissorcraft.